Jos Verbruggen

Training Consultant

Pays : Netherlands
Langues parlées : Anglais, Dutch

About Jos Verbruggen

Prior to Krauthammer, Jos gained vast experience in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, non-profit organisations, consultancy and start-ups. Integrating his past experience with learning at Krauthammer, Jos is able to break the status quo in people, teams and companies. His background in organizational psychology, which he mixes with a strong business focus, enables him to quickly understand and identify challenges for individuals, teams and companies, and create fresh, outside-the-box solutions.

Jos’ flexibility, together with his people and result-oriented approach helps him and his clients achieve great results. He enjoys and thrives in an international environment where the stakes are high and people are open to new ideas and different approaches to meeting their challenges. Recently, he developed a programme for one of the world’s largest technology investors, where he was able to exploit his strengths and successfully implement a solution involving both diversity and unity in all the branches worldwide.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Formation en présentiel

Temps essentiel pour la pratique et l’apprentissage via les jeux de rôle et mises en situation réelle

Mesure de l’engagement

Mesure du pouls de l’engagement en temps réel


Évaluation des comportements à travers le langage des couleurs

Application Memo Cards

Aide-mémoire utile toujours à portée de main

Simulateur comportemental

Des jeux de rôle très réalistes


Favoriser la communication via la structure et les comportements

Expérientiel outdoor

Approches novatrices qui surprennent et inspirent, souvent avec des résultats étonnants

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