Pascal Struijk

Training Consultant

Pays : Netherlands
Langues parlées : Anglais, Français, Dutch

About Pascal Struijk

A highly-motivated committed consultant, Pascal’s raison d’être lies in challenging people. Leveraging skills acquired during his former financial services career and in his high-pressure role as a semi-professional hockey coach, he helps his clients move beyond their comfort zones. With a natural tendency to see potential in anyone, Pascal expertly blends his unquenchable optimism with authenticity and warmth to create a trusting, supportive environment for deeply connecting with his clients. His main driver is helping people uncover and overcome the internal obstacles that prevent them from growing and achieving top performance and excellence in everything they do.

At Krauthammer, Pascal has been involved with, and made valuable contributions to a wide range of programmes developed for well-known multinational organisations. Mainly working with clients in the pharmaceutical, construction and services industries, Pascal collaborates well, and is equally comfortable with individuals, teams, and groups at any level of an organisation.


Passionate about the following learning journey elements


Favoriser la communication via la structure et les comportements

Formation en présentiel

Temps essentiel pour la pratique et l’apprentissage via les jeux de rôle et mises en situation réelle

DISC - TTI Success Insights

Évaluation des comportements à travers le langage des couleurs

Expérientiel outdoor

Approches novatrices qui surprennent et inspirent, souvent avec des résultats étonnants

Articles by Pascal Struijk

Training Consultant

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