Thijs Westerkamp

Senior Consultant

Pays : Netherlands
Langues parlées : Néerlandais, Anglais

About Thijs Westerkamp

With Krauthammer since 1990, Thijs is a Managing Partner, Board Member and the Geo(graphical) Director for the North West. Fascinated by change at both a personal and organisational level, he works with individuals, teams and organisations to create transformational results as opposed to transactional ones. Investing his vast experience and skills in leadership development, commercial excellence, organisational development and change management, Thijs has specialised over the years in designing and delivering customised programmes. A trusted strategic thinker, who describes himself as a ‘creative rebel’, Thijs enjoys ‘rocking the boat’, turning things around or even upside down and taking a provocative stance. Always with the highest regard for the individual, Thijs’ insightful approach is clear and direct. He sees right to the ‘heart of the issues’ and using his intuitive ability highlights them to the clients, and works closely together with them to find the best solutions.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Coaching de cadres supérieurs

Optimisation des performances et développement personnel

Recent client cases from Thijs Westerkamp

Managers et Dirigeants bien formés au service d’une amélioration de la satisfaction d’équipe et de la fidélisation des collaborateurs

Huntsman devait unifier ses outils managériaux pour réduire les écarts entre les régions et les divisions. Le programme Advanced Management conçu conjointement était focalisé sur les styles de leadership et le développement des employés.

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