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Management - Online training

In this online training, managers who wish to become both coaches and leaders of their teams will make the shift from firefighting, ad-hoc control and command, to developing a proactive, collaborative culture.

Aucun prérequis n'est nécessaire pour nos formations

  • 5 months
  • 1hr Kick-Off & 5 half-days online
  • Anglaise

This 100% online program is designed for managers who want to develop skills to motivate, coach and lead their team. Focusing on motivation, collaboration and communication, this program will show you how to develop a proactive, collaborative culture where the values and ambitions of the employees are aligned with those of the company.

In the weeks between the training days, you will practice your skills and once back in the training session will discuss your experiences with the trainer. This gives you the opportunity to immediately apply what you learn in your day-to-day job.

After the training you will have the tools and mindset to be a role model for your team members and to strengthen their development and commitment.

For who?

Managers, Team Leads, Project Managers, those leading individuals, teams, and performances.

After completing the training

  • You can lead as a manager using constructive interpersonal communication.
  • Improve control of oneself, others, and the business.
  • Manage and excel during turbulent times by priority-setting and re-alignment.
  • Reinforce employee engagement and development: accountability, feedback, goal setting, coaching.
  • Improve your productivity, be better prepared, inspire, handle challenging meetings, and take ownership of actions.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial spirit by involving and engaging employees
  • Build a sustainable culture by aligning employee values and ambitions with those of the company.


  • Preparation of personal objectives and challenges
  • Use of Microsoft Teams
  • Discover the platform and the modules
  • Exemplarity and the principles of Human Capital Development
  • Stakeholder analysis: my positioning towards myself, others, and my environment
  • Perception and reality: the way we spontaneously interact with others
  • Delegation, empowerment and accountability
  • Learning from experience-- results of the first day's training
  • Setting objectives and expectations
  • Understanding people and performance, the art of questioning and listening
  • Control and handling of different performance situations
  • Encouragement and supervision
  • Check progress of my learning goals - managing performance
  • Giving feedback
  • Conveying an impactful message to a group
  • Change: the stages of discovery, the mourning curve, accompanying the transition and resistance
  • Check progress of my learning goals - developing individuals
  • How to say NO
  • Dealing with challenging working sessions and group negotiations
  • Realignment: handling deviations to preserve company values and employee alignment
  • Handling conflict
  • Check progress of my learning goals - managing difficult situations
  • The working session and managing creativity: roles and attitudes
  • Venturing initiatives: presenting a project or a recommendation upwards
  • The manager-coach: identifying the problem, gain acceptance so the solution can emerge

Learning Tools

  • Un quiz numérique spécifique vous permet de revenir sur les différents éléments de la formation et favorise l’ancrage des points clés
  • Il peut être envoyé par courrier électronique et s’intituler : « La question du mois », ou être intégré au LMS ou à l’application de microapprentissage
  • Sondage en ligne (auprès des pairs) offrant aux participants une vision claire de l’impact de leurs propres comportements
  • Intervention des parties prenantes qui entourent le participant dans le parcours d’apprentissage
  • Création de conditions favorables pour donner et recevoir un feedback
  • Les séances de coaching en ligne sont très efficaces pour encourager encore le développement des participants
  • Les participants partagent leurs succès et obtiennent un soutien lorsqu’ils en ont le plus besoin, au premier obstacle
  • Séances de formation ou de coaching de 1,5 à 3 heures avec 5 à 10 participants
  • Pour s’exercer, échanger et découvrir des thèmes d’apprentissage
  • Rapporter les mesures prises et les enseignements tirés

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Jours de formation
14 mars 2024
28 mars 2024
18 avr. 2024
16 mai 2024
13 juin 2024
11 juil. 2024


EUR 3409 (HT)