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Provide relevant solutions to the customer


Are you ready to radically overhaul your sales style? Or is selling a new profession and you want to learn more about a modern and future-proof approach? Aren’t you into superficial conversations and transparent sales techniques? Then you are at the right address with this program.
Increasingly, selling is the result of offering valuable solutions to the customer. To discover these opportunities you need to connect with customers. By co-design you build solutions together with the customer. In the end the customer decides to opt for cooperation because he trusts you now. During this program you will learn how to work with your client in 4 steps: Connect, Construct, Close & Conquer.


Sales people / account managers with 0-4 years of experience, sales people / account managers who want to change their style and approach, indirect sales people such as Technical Support, Marketing, Commercial Office.


  • For you personally: better focus on customer potential and meaningful opportunities, (price) negotiations become easier, your sales turnover grows, intensive and long-term cooperation with the customer and a clear increase in the number of very satisfied customers.
  • For your organization: less transactional sales - more sales based on good understanding of the customer, long-term customer relationships, proactive use of the network, more meaningful meetings with customers and prospects, good flow in the commercial pipeline, retention of margins, more desired assignments

CHF 4095

Date(s) Sep 3, 2019
Oct 15, 2019
Dec 3, 2019
Jan 16, 2020
La langue German
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Learning journey

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Positive Mirror

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Interaction directe

Formation en présentiel

Temps essentiel pour la pratique et l’apprentissage via les jeux de rôle et mises en situation réelle

Apprentissage autonome

Vidéos et modules en e-learning

Gamme complète de contenus numériques

Application Memo Cards

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Système d’expérience de l’apprentissage Koach

Notre plateforme multidispositif axée sur l’utilisateur offre une expérience d’apprentissage immersive favorisant l’engagement.

Expérience pratique

Nos parcours de développement favorisent au maximum l'expérience pratique, avec de fréquentes occasions de retours de mise en application et de partage des succès.


Day 1 - Connect

  • Setting the foundation for sales success.
  • Mastering the fundamentals of connecting communication.
  • Transforming your clients into proactive lead generators.
  • Create focus on the right clients and activities.
  • The power of positive influencing.
  • Generating meetings as the first step towards new business.

Day 2 - Construct

  • Reporting on results achieved.
  • Knowing your client and their situation.
  • The golden rules to motivate the client to buy.
  • Differentiating ourselves by communicating value to the other.
  • Running effective sales meetings.

Day 3 - Close

  • Reporting on results achieved.
  • Presenting a compelling offer.
  • Closing the deal 1 - Know how to close the deal.
  • Closing the deal 2 - Handling objections.
  • Closing the deal 3 - Becoming a true business partner.
  • Develop professional assertiveness.

Day 4 - Conquer

  • Reporting on results achieved.
  • Mastering the art of neuro-communication in sales
  • Managing the account to grow the business.
  • Using Social Selling to generate leads.
  • Personal action plan.

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