Harm Verheijen

Training Consultant

Woonplaats: België
Talenkennis: Frans, Engels, Dutch


About Harm Verheijen

Harm combines his business acumen and analytical mindset with solid leadership experience to effectively help and challenge people in their learning journey. An empathetic and energetic professional, he has a fine-tuned ability to bring the best out of individuals and teams, and build trusting relationships with clients.
Harm’s main strength lies in providing leadership, coaching and guidance, particularly at times of change or upheaval within organisations. Clients appreciate his acute perception and talent in helping them to identify and remove self-limiting beliefs and any behaviour that could be holding them back.
Throughout his career, Harm has successfully led numerous change and leadership programmes around the world. One of his highlights was co-developing, testing and globally implementing a tailor-made leadership programme aimed at improving leader effectiveness and output for an international manufacturing company. First piloted in two plants, the programme has since become a reference for effective leadership.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

class room training


Essentiële tijd om te leren en te oefenen met rollenspellen en realistische scenario's ('real plays’).

Business facilitation

Business facilitation

Communicatie bevorderen via structuur en gedrag.

Toepassing in de praktijk

Onze leertrajecten stimuleren maximale toepassing in de praktijk, met regelmatige verslaglegging en het delen van succesmomenten.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching

Stimuleren van persoonlijke prestaties en groei.

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