Paulette Engelen

Training Consultant

Woonplaats: Nederland
Talenkennis: Engels, Dutch


About Paulette Engelen

An intuitive and effective consultant, Paulette’s dedication lies in human development and growth. Driven by her desire to inspire others, she motivates people to action and enjoys the great energy she gains from personal interaction.
From her background in Social Psychology, Paulette has acquired a deep empathic ability to quickly obtain insight into other people’s needs and desires, and this valuable ability enriches her work as a trainer. Combined with her finely-tuned people development skills, it also makes it easy for her to communicate with all levels of an organisation.
To help clients meet and navigate their ever-changing, challenging and often uncertain working environments, Paulette integrates her knowledge and experience with authenticity. She has successfully designed and facilitated numerous training programmes that support team learning and development. Paulette succeeds in enabling clients to achieve meaningful, sustainable results by establishing and maintaining trust-based business relationships that ensure continuous business improvement.


Passionate about the following learning journey elements

class room training


Essentiële tijd om te leren en te oefenen met rollenspellen en realistische scenario's ('real plays’).

Toepassing in de praktijk

Onze leertrajecten stimuleren maximale toepassing in de praktijk, met regelmatige verslaglegging en het delen van succesmomenten.


Meten van engagement in real time.

Onderzoek naar teamkwaliteit

Actie ondernemen voor betere synergie in het team.

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