Sanne Borckink

Training Consultant

Woonplaats: Nederland
Talenkennis: Engels, Dutch

About Sanne Borckink

Sanne has an open-minded perspective, which helps her to empathise with people. This skill helps her to ask difficult and personal questions in order to let people open up and solve (their) problems. With her creative mind she put things in a different perspective, helping others to look at things from another point of view. Being warm and optimistic, Sanne always finds win-win situations.
Sanne developed her knowledge in people’s behavior by finishing a Master in Health Sciences. She started her career in health care, working in different hospitals to fix registration mistakes and to improve the registration processes. Sanne also worked as a teacher where she played an important role in developing a new curriculum. This experience, her didactic skills and positive criticism are of great value for developing and delivering high quality training programs in order to help people behave more effective.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Business facilitation

Business facilitation

Communicatie bevorderen via structuur en gedrag.

Toepassing in de praktijk

Onze leertrajecten stimuleren maximale toepassing in de praktijk, met regelmatige verslaglegging en het delen van succesmomenten.

E-learning en video’s

Een volledige digitale bibliotheek.

class room training


Essentiële tijd om te leren en te oefenen met rollenspellen en realistische scenario's ('real plays’).

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