First Level Management 4

Seize the day


This programme has been devised for those managing a small team or running a project, and who are new to management. For those who have not previously followed a management training, or who are seeking to refresh their skills.


New line managers, project managers, executive assistants


  • Relay, decisions and communicate them, manage resistance
  • Help all to realise objectives
  • Communicate effectively in front of a group
  • Prepare and animate a work session
  • Manage and motivate others on a daily basis
  • Cope with difficult and conflictual situations
  • Manage individual and collective problems effectively
  • Create a positive atmosphere

EUR 3540

Dagen Feb 3, 2020
Mar 17, 2020
Apr 21, 2020
May 15, 2020
Taal Frans
Regio Paris
Contact Parijs, Frankrijk

(+33) (0)1 44 69 60 00

* Dit is de prijs excl. BTW, waarbij volledige documentatie en locatiekosten zijn inbegrepen.

Learning Journey


class room training


Essentiële tijd om te leren en te oefenen met rollenspellen en realistische scenario's ('real plays’).

Leerdoelstellingengesprek met N+1

Leerdoelstellingengesprek met N+1

Betrokkenheid van het management bij het leertraject is een essentiële factor voor effectief leren.

Virtual interaction

361° online zelf- en netwerkevaluatie

361°-snapshot van het eigen gedrag.

Positive Mirror

Positieve feedback delen.

Autonoom leren

E-learning en video’s

Een volledige digitale bibliotheek.

Memo Card-app

Nuttige geheugensteun om altijd bij de hand te hebben.

Serious Games

Rollenspel wordt niet realistischer dan dit.

Leerervaringsysteem Koach

Ons multi-device leerplatform zorgt voor een verdiepende leerervaring die de betrokkenheid verhoogt

Toepassing in de praktijk

Onze leertrajecten stimuleren maximale toepassing in de praktijk, met regelmatige verslaglegging en het delen van succesmomenten.


Day 1

  • The fundamentals of inter-personal communication
  • The difference between personal perception and reality
  • When the manager has to question his or her certainties: learning new attitudes
  • Change: how to manage the emotional reactions of employees
  • Delegating according to individual competencies
  • Fixing concrete and realistic objectives Presenting a theme, project or idea to a group

Day 2

  • Active listening: the key attitudes to help self-expression and improve mutual understanding
  • From reporting session to annual evolution session: appreciating performance and helping people evolve
  • Praise: a process of consideration and respect as well as one of motivation
  • Verbal communication: perfecting different behaviours and tools

Day 3

  • Managing contradictions, criticisms and aggression
  • Stress and self-management: mechanisms to better control spontaneous reactions
  • Work session and brainstorming animation – effective principles Communicating a difficult decision and managing the reactions
  • Recognising mistakes: how does one behave in this sensitive situation?

Day 4

  • Presenting a project or recommendation upwards
  • Task planning and monitoring
  • The reprimand session: from preparation to analyse the problem, to respecting commitments
  • Conflict management: from mutual agreement to arbitration, how to 'come out on top'

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