Antoine Renoux

Partner Trainer

Characterized by his enthusiasm and inspiring energy Antoine wants to develop your full potential as a salesperson and manager.

Antoine Renoux | Trainer Consultant | EN


Antoine is recognized by his clients as a charismatic consultant and trainer. His enthusiasm and inspirational energy characterize him especially when he aims to develop and exploit his clients' full potential as salespeople and managers. In the last 7 years, Antoine has trained 7000 sales people and 500 managers, this mainly in BtoB and BtoC companies that manufacture products and provide services. When dealing with older and younger employees, he is most praised for his ability to listen. He best achieves breakthroughs by preparing and motivating clients to high performance with pre-packaged sales techniques, behaviors and management skills. He is passionate about teaching powerful tools to deliver a high return on investment to his clients.



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Industries Antoine Renoux has worked in

Health services Retail and Consumer Goods