Elias Galinos

Partner Trainer

Elias challenges his clients’ eagerness to experiment with novel types of behaviour and skills.

Elias Galinos | Partner Trainer | EN


An experienced certified trainer and coach, Elias leads mid-level and top executive programs in Greece, Turkey and abroad using progressive developmental methodologies. For 15+ years, he worked with people of diverse, academic, professional and demographic backgrounds and focused on designing results-oriented development schemes and group coaching initiatives.

Possessing a unique blend of both strategy design and execution excellence, Elias aims to improve the strategies and systems that are observable within talent management and business results. A resourceful and dedicated Krauthammer Senior Consultant, Elias is adept at bringing people together around common goals. With his straightforward, empathetic approach he explores each person’s potential to change and helps them overcome self-limiting factors.

By encouraging individuals and organisations to focus on concrete improvement areas that lead to identifiable results for all parties involved, Elias challenges his clients’ eagerness to experiment with novel types of behaviour and skills. 


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Learning tools

Our learning tools are designed to achieve sustainable behaviour change. We specifically adapt them to your business and development needs using a blend of several learning components.

Peer coaching
Peer coaching

  • During sessions with their peers only, people coach each other on concrete situations
  • Leverage collective intelligence to solve problems
  • Alternatively practice on how to listen, ask questions and give feedback.

Remote quiz
Remote quiz

  • A specific digital quiz allows you to return to different elements of the course and promotes the anchoring of key points.
  • It can be submitted by email and be entitled: "the question of the month“ or integrated in the LMS or Microlearning app.

Team quality survey
Team quality survey

  • Become aware of a team’s concrete present situation, based on 12 team qualities and 60 statements.
  • Strong and improvement points give real levers for taking action.