Marjolein van den Bergh

Partner Trainer

Marjolein made it her mission to help organizations embrace diversity, boost creativity and achieve the results the world is waiting for.

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Marjolein van den Bergh | Partner Trainer | EN


With a background in Organizational Sciences and a focus on change management, Marjolein possesses thorough knowledge of people’s behavior in organizations. Before Krauthammer, she advised the Executive Board of one of the biggest universities in the Netherlands about quality care and she worked at a consultancy firm based in Utrecht. Because of this experience, she gained thorough knowledge about the ‘strategy-side’. She understood her real passion lies in building the ‘people-side’ of businesses, achieving business results through employee engagement and contribution. With an optimistic outlook and a positive sense of humor, Marjolein is good at generating enthusiasm in others. She is an expert at creating a climate of trust, making sure that everyone feels at ease and is able to open up. Marjolein specialized in non-violent communication because she believes this mindset helps teams thrive. After a period of traveling and working around the world, she is providing training and coaching in the Netherlands again.


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Learning tools

Our learning tools are designed to achieve sustainable behaviour change. We specifically adapt them to your business and development needs using a blend of several learning components.

Learning goals discussion with manager
Learning goals discussion with manager

  • In a one-to-one meeting, the participant and their manager discuss and define the goals to be reached with this training
  • Only if the participant knows what the manager and the employer is expecting from him, they can work towards the expected results

Application in daily life
Application in daily life

  • The most important point to profit from the learning journey: apply your learnings!
  • Action plans are defined already in the training room to allow the participant to evaluate his progress against his own standards in daily life

Intense classroom training
Intense classroom training

  • Lively, interactive training days are the backbone of the learning journey.
  • Positive confrontation and feedback stimulate to change the behavior.
  • Interaction within the group allows to learn from peers in a safe yet challenging environment

361° online self & peer evaluation
361° online self & peer evaluation

  • Online survey which gives participants a clear view on the impact of their own behaviors.
  • Gets stakeholders around the participant involved in the learning journey.
  • Creates favorable conditions to give and receive feedback.

Online coaching or training
Online coaching or training

  • 1,5 to 3-hour training or coaching sessions with 5-10 participants.
  • Practice, exchange and discover learning topics.
  • Report on actions taken and lessons learned.


Industries Marjolein van den Bergh has worked in

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