Mehmet Baha

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In Baha's free time, he loves to play the percussion, travel with his family and play puzzles with his 4-year old daughter.

  • Germany
  • Turkish, German, Spanish, English
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Although his full name is Mehmet Baha, everyone calls him Baha. Since his childhood, Baha has been fascinated by the question: “How can I make a difference in the lives of people?” Thus, his interest lead him to win a scholarship from Fulbright and finish his master’s in the USA on the topic of Conflict Resolution. He has lived and worked in Germany, Turkey, Ireland, Guatemala and USA with more than 18 years of work experience. Baha was one of the first employees of Facebook in Europe and contributed to its exponential growth. So far, he has delivered training and given talks in more than 28 countries across 5 continents. In his free time, he loves to play the percussion, travel with his family and play puzzles with his 4-year old daughter. His new book “Playbook for Engaged Employees“ was published in 2021 and is already available for purchase on three continents.


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Learning tools

Our learning tools are designed to achieve sustainable behaviour change. We specifically adapt them to your business and development needs using a blend of several learning components.

Application in daily life
Application in daily life

  • The most important point to profit from the learning journey: apply your learnings!
  • Action plans are defined already in the training room to allow the participant to evaluate his progress against his own standards in daily life

Online coaching or training
Online coaching or training

  • 1,5 to 3-hour training or coaching sessions with 5-10 participants.
  • Practice, exchange and discover learning topics.
  • Report on actions taken and lessons learned.

Online co-development
Online co-development

  • User-friendly platform made to develop collective intelligence.
  • Within 60-90 minutes, a group of 6-8 peers guided by a facilitator, analyses and solves concrete business situations.
  • Enhances collaboration into and across industries, teams, BU, etc.

Executive coaching
Executive coaching

  • The demanding trust relationship created with a coach, places unprecedented focus on results.
  • The action-oriented guidance, focusing on self-discovery and finding new 'own' solutions, instills fresh ways of acting that are applied long after the coaching end.
  • 'Real-time' support in the current job context allows day-to-day responsibilities to continue.


Industries Mehmet Baha has worked in

Technology, Media, and Telecommunication Others