Michel La Poutre

Partner Trainer
  • The Netherlands
  • Dutch, English
Michel La Poutre | Partner Trainer | NL


Michel has seen and done it all and brings 30 years of experience as a consultant, interim manager, and as a trainer/coach. He is engaging, sees patterns swiftly and is great at empowering people to transform. 

He supports your hard and soft (agile) transformations and has experience in more than 15 sectors. He serves Fortune500 companies, powerful governments, and small startups.  He is proud to have made a difference in the lives and careers of over 2000 people, seeing them becoming more effective, stimulating their learning journey, and boosting their career by unlocking their potential. He loves to help build teams and has trained over 100 (management) teams to achieve great breakthroughs in team effectiveness. He helps senior executives manage challenges by making implementable strategy and policy. He then translates strategy into pragmatic learning. Michel loves helping you develop a growth mindset and a solution-focused culture in your teams.


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