Omar Pico

Partner Trainer

Omar's natural leadership, high energy drive, contagious positive attitude and “out of the box” thinking, helped leading his teams to a higher performance.

  • Mexico
  • Portuguese, Spanish, French, English
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Omar Pico | Partner Trainer | EN


Before joining Krauthammer, Omar made a successful career in Top Sales Management. He has lived and worked in several countries in Europe & Latam which has led him to develop a special sensitivity to train multicultural groups. He has always enjoyed interacting with people and helping them to develop their potential and achieve their goals. He has delivered consultancy and training for various industries (Retail, Chemical, IT, Automotive, Technology, Aircraft, Labs, Container shipping, Financial, Pharma, Food & Beverages, Oil & Gas). 


For the last 8 years, he has been a multi-cultural Krauthammer Consultant delivering in Latin America, North America & Europe. Currently he is also the Managing Director for Krauthammer Partner in Mexico and is responsible for projects and revenue growth. His strength relies on his ability to motivate people to really go for the change and his high adaptability to different cultures and his knowledge & experience to find the real challenges that his clients are facing and helping them find the right solution to reach their goals and change the desired behaviours of the people involved. 



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Learning tools

Our learning tools are designed to achieve sustainable behaviour change. We specifically adapt them to your business and development needs using a blend of several learning components.

Intense classroom training
Intense classroom training

  • Lively, interactive training days are the backbone of the learning journey.
  • Positive confrontation and feedback stimulate to change the behavior.
  • Interaction within the group allows to learn from peers in a safe yet challenging environment

E-learning Modules and videos
E-learning Modules and videos

  • Provides insight into own behavioural strengths and challenges.
  • A common, simple language is created that helps people better understand themselves and adapt their behaviour towards others.
  • Blends perfectly with the Krauthammer learning methodology to create identification.

Web based coaching sessions
Web based coaching sessions

  • To push the development of the participants even further, web based coaching sessions are a very effective mean.
  • Participants share their successes and get support when they most need it – when they stumble for the first time.

Online coaching or training
Online coaching or training

  • 1,5 to 3-hour training or coaching sessions with 5-10 participants.
  • Practice, exchange and discover learning topics.
  • Report on actions taken and lessons learned.


Industries Omar Pico has worked in

Energy, Utilities and Resources Services sector