Adriano Franchin

Adriano Franchin

Training Consultant

Country of residence: Belgium
Languages spoken: English, French

About Adriano Franchin

Adriano joined Krauthammer’s Belgian team in 2007 after completing a degree in international trade and gaining 10 years of commercial management experience within a multinational. An active driver of personal development and Senior Consultant, Trainer & Coach, he has conducted more than 500 programmes on management, sales and cross functional themes. As a Solution Architect, Adriano’s focus is on developing and conducting large leadership programmes for management committees with deployment on all levels, to instill a corporate culture or to ensure significant transformation within an organisation. He values the regular opportunity this gives him to be an individual coach and sparring partner for leaders and senior executives. Behind Adriano’s results-oriented pragmatism, lies his great passion for people and their development. Living this to the full, he is also an internal trainer, accompanying new recruits on their journey from their initial onboarding programme to becoming inspiring and effective Krauthammer trainers.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Business facilitation

Fostering communication through structure and behaviours

Boardroom & high potentials coaching

Demanding personal guidance for your most promising game changers

Class room training

Essential time to practice and learn through role and real plays

Collective intelligence workshop

New ways of collaborating with larger groups towards a collectively shared outcome



Behaviour assessment through simple colour language

On the job practice

On-the-job practice

Our learning journeys stimulate maximum on-the-job practice with frequent opportunities to report back and share successes.

4LS evaluation

Evaluating observable behaviour on a 4 level scale

TASK survey

Team performance in focus

Team quality survey

Taking action for better team synergy

Recent client cases

Making the “invisible visible”- changing people’s lives through tailored customer service

As global leader in hearing solutions Amplifon has more than 12,500 employees in 22 countries. The company’s unique selling point is the value it creates for its customers through superior customer care. Yet, Amplifon saw the need to change its customer approach by further improving its people's clinical and customer oriented skills to be “next to the client”.   

Included in the learning journey of Amplifon:

Optimising the performance appraisal process to boost exemplary behaviours

Eurocontrol needed a performance appraisal process not only based on results but also on exemplary behaviours. Krauthammer set the frame to define desired corporate behaviours which were explored in a one-day management training.

Included in the learning journey of Eurocontrol:

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