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  • Sales Excellence 7
  • Change & Transformation 2
  • Culture & Collaboration 5

Making the “invisible visible”- changing people’s lives through tailored customer service

As global leader in hearing solutions Amplifon has more than 12,500 employees in 22 countries. The company’s unique selling point is the value it creates for its customers through superior customer care. Yet, Amplifon saw the need to change its customer approach by further improving its people's clinical and customer oriented skills to be “next to the client”.   

Included in the learning journey of Amplifon:

Establishing common managerial practices to address operational improvements

Geodis Road Transport wanted to establish shared managerial rules and exemplary behaviours. Therefore motivational management practices to secure performance, leadership roles and interpersonal relationships needed to be addressed.

Included in the learning journey of Geodis Road Transport :

Building global commercial excellence through an international sales programme

AkzoNobel Performance Coatings launched a strategy of growth with implications for the sales force. A global sales management training was needed to not only communicate the changes taking place, but also to train sales managers with skills they need for their redefined role.

Included in the learning journey of AkzoNobel:

Establishing leadership in a competitive multi-cultural environment

AdNovum, a Swiss software engineering company continued to grow. In addition to the general challenges associated with growth advanced leadership skills for line and project managers were needed. A leadership training with special attention on multicultural communication also addressed topics such as “goal setting” and “employee motivation”.

Included in the learning journey of AdNovum:

Developing excellence in people management in a private bank with a new feedback culture

The managers of a private bank were more focussed in their expert role than in their managerial position. To help them feel better suited for their role a five days advanced management training was designed. Conflict handling, performance reviews and realignment meetings were some of the elements which were addressed.

Included in the learning journey of Private Bank :

TOP WOMEN Programme to boost gender diversity in a technical environment

One of KONE’s targets is to make the company a great place to work by fostering a diverse workforce. But due to its technical environment it’s still a challenge for KONE to drive gender diversity, especially in the different management layers. In response to this challenge KONE BV initiated a development programme exclusively for female employees. 

Included in the learning journey of KONE :

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Increasing team satisfaction and employee retention through well-trained managers and leaders

Huntsman had to unify management tools to close gaps between regions and divisions. The co-designed Advanced Management programme focussed on leadership styles and employee development.

Included in the learning journey of Huntsman:

Coaching a new Management Committee to operate quickly as one team

The newly appointed Management Committee of Clariant’s Global Business Services Organisation (GBS) had to act as a real team as from day one. To cope with this challenge they embarked on a 10 months high performing team journey.

Included in the learning journey of Clariant:

Developing managers 2.0: ensuring employees’ growth, fulfilment & well-being

Bouygues Construction wanted to modernize their managerial practices and behaviours in order to adapt to new expectations and leadership methods with the goal of  contributing to a better quality of life at work, harmony and team performance.

Included in the learning journey of Bouygues Construction :

Shaping leadership in an engineering-driven world

SBM Offshore wanted to make its leadership culture stronger by enabling the transformation of the company from a very technology-driven perspective into a more robust leadership value-based culture. 160 senior leaders participated in the international cross-border leadership programme (LMD) and an additional 450 managers were enrolled in a similar training process.

Included in the learning journey of SBM Offshore :

Implementing the “Roche Way of Customer Engagement”

Roche and Krauthammer co-designed and developed a modular sales training concept based on one-day training sessions. All training programmes are now geared to the “Roche way of customer engagement”, a framework defining observable criteria for sales behaviour. Roche and Krauthammer are continuously enhancing this programme to improve agility and customer focus.

Setting standards for a value based leadership culture to follow the strategy of internationalisation

Armacell implemented international standards for performance management through it's 3-day leadership development programme. These standards are now applied by all managing employees. 

Included in the learning journey of Armacell:

Building a new management team to drive cultural and strategic change

VIVESCIA Agriculture needed the engagement of their managers for the implementation of a new strategic plan. At the same time, the Executive Commitee felt the need to assess their own team practices. The customised "High Performance Team" programme helped to build a mature management team that shared their commitments and monitoring indicators with all of their managers.

Included in the learning journey of VIVESCIA :

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How a change in behaviour and attitude of client facing employees leads to higher client satisfaction

André Koch wanted its sales force and back office to increase their customer orientation. Two learning journeys were designed: a sales workshop, and a programme for the back office focusing on telephone skills.