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As the health industry was going through many changes Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal (GZF) also faced management and leadership challenges. Some of their medical staff (doctors) with highly specialised backgrounds began having dual positions and found themselves in manager’s shoes leading teams.

We Bridge

This was a completely new role with different responsibilities, so the doctors needed to be equipped with managerial skills and tools. Krauthammer and GZF agreed that shaping particular behaviours and competencies such as feedback culture, developing and motivating others, delegation, handling conflicts, setting objectives and expectations as well as effective project management were crucial for handling these new positions.

We Design

Krauthammer designed the “GZF Management Training Programme” based on a joint human capital development workshop, where specific values of the institution were defined.

We Facili'train

Since 2008, all healthcare positions requiring management and leadership skills attend the “GZF Management Training Programme” as an obligatory step for becoming a professional manager. The programme runs on a yearly basis and so far, over 100 participants have already been trained by Krauthammer.

The highly skilled doctors and healthcare experts have a very specific and challenging working environment They also have high expectations which are founded on their very detailed, demanding and critical approach. To live up to their expectations, it meant that they would only accept an experienced and impactful trainer. Krauthammer understood GZF’s specific needs and found the right fit for this specialised target group.

You Drive

Since starting the cooperation with Krauthammer in 2008, the quality of the management in GZF has visibly improved. After having gone through the training, doctors are more confident now in their managerial roles. The doctors and healthcare specialists are also more effective and efficient in communication, delegation, team motivation, and in dealing with turbulent situations.

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