• Przywództwo & Zarządzanie

Today's successful leaders and managers understand true engagement.

It’s a fact that inspiring leadership and management drive employee engagement. Our learning journeys create lasting behavioural change leading to a positive infectious attitude.

Przywództwo & Zarządzanie

Zaangażowane przywództwo

Cultivate the ability to lead and develop an engaging organisation.

Wysoce efektywne zespoły

Raise team collaboration, trust and performance to the highest levels.

Inspirujący managerowie

Develop managerial attitudes and practices in leading individuals, teams & performances.

Engaged leadership

Motivate and engage individuals and teams and raise collaboration, trust and performance

People management

Get to know your own management style and cultivate your ability to lead and manage

Client cases

Leadership & Management development in action

Dynamic Appreciative Inquiry workshop after a difficult period

After the tournament in 2016 an Appreciative Inquiry workshop was co-designed to reflect on the future development of the event with a positive approach. 

Included in the learning journey of Roland Garros :

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