Efektywna sprzedaż

Here are some of the most common client sales challenges we've worked on.

Zarządzanie sprzedażą

Build the foundation of a successful sales organisation.

Zarządzanie kluczowymi klientami

Improve the ability of your key account managers to win complex deals.

Sprzedaż konsultacyjna

Acquire the expertise to have sales dialogues that matter.

Sales skills and process

Develop effective sales behaviours matching your company's ambition.

Client cases

Sales excellence in action

Dynamic Appreciative Inquiry workshop after a difficult period

After the tournament in 2016 an Appreciative Inquiry workshop was co-designed to reflect on the future development of the event with a positive approach. 

Included in the learning journey of Roland Garros :

  • Efektywna sprzedaż

Create a more entrepreneurial and sales efficient organisation.

Engaging with clients, identifying key drivers and offering new perspectives: Krauthammer leads the way and develops the skills for delivering measurable results

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