Build a customer centric organisation

Krauthammer helps you to build a customer centric organization by empowering your most valuable asset, your people!

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Build a customer-centric organisation | training programme

We live in the post-digital age, technology made our lives easier, but also less personal. According to Gartner 82% of all companies believes that they will compete based on experience with their peers. Next to the product experience, the interaction experience is of the utmost importance. Krauthammer helps you to build a customer centric organization by empowering your most valuable asset, your people!

Engaging with Krauthammer means that we assist you in delivering consistent experiences that feel inherently more human at all digital and physical touch points. We draft a strategy that transforms transactional interaction into relational experiences.

Our behavioral training programs empower your people to unlock the lifetime value of clients and drive incremental innovation in order to define the future experience.

Our approach

Based on your current state, we could help you with all the phases as described below, or you pick and choose the phases that need to be brought to the next level.

Business Case
Together we define the Why, the compelling story, the business rationale and assess what success looks like

Check the committment of the Board and discuss the essence of silo-breaking Customer Experience

CX Strategy
Aligning the organization around a global customer experience strategy

Capture the current culture and discover the potential value of cultural change

Design Thinking
Understand the needs and barriers of all stakeholders by inviting them to share their current experiences. Based on the outcome you can start defining into more detail how the future experience looks like. By making prototypes of the future experience and test them with your clients and employees, you will find out rapidly how success looks like.

Program management & communication
Co-create governance structure, program plan and team

Behavioral change programs combined with train-the-the-trainer programs on all levels

Check & Balance
Measure change in engagement, employee & client satisfaction and  cultural awareness. Adapt the above based on feedback

Next Steps
Go beyond and dream of the future experience

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