Managing your remote sales team

Building a trusted remote team requires different leadership styles that eventually leads to action and results.

  • 4 online workshops
  • English
  • 6 weeks
Managing your remote sales team | Training program

A great sales professional can work from every location, but building a trusted remote team requires different leadership styles that eventually leads to action and results. When your Sales team is in different locations and team meetings are 9 out of 10 times remote, you might feel that you are losing touch. People look at you for your vision but don’t want to be micromanaged. We support you in defining the objective of a remote meeting and introduce different types of remote meetings. Next to that we will introduce multiple leadership styles that will be beneficial in coaching on stress, setbacks, actions and results.

For who?

Sales Directors and Sales Managers.

After completing the training you can

  • Get & keep your sales team motivated and act in the “forward gear”.
  • Restructure remote team management to keep the right spirit.
  • Be able to switch between leadership styles when appropriate.
  • Real life examples, participants run team meetings and get feedback.
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Learning tools

Learning goals discussion with manager
Learning goals discussion with manager
  • In a one-to-one meeting, the participant and their manager discuss and define the goals to be reached with this training
  • Only if the participant knows what the manager and the employer is expecting from him, they can work towards the expected results
E-learning Modules and videos
E-learning Modules and videos
  • Provides insight into own behavioural strengths and challenges.
  • A common, simple language is created that helps people better understand themselves and adapt their behaviour towards others.
  • Blends perfectly with the Krauthammer learning methodology to create identification.
Web based coaching sessions
Web based coaching sessions
  • To push the development of the participants even further, web based coaching sessions are a very effective mean.
  • Participants share their successes and get support when they most need it – when they stumble for the first time.
Online coaching or training
Online coaching or training
  • 1,5 to 3-hour training or coaching sessions with 5-10 participants.
  • Practice, exchange and discover learning topics.
  • Report on actions taken and lessons learned.

Inspiring locations

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