Sales and Account Management

The essentials for a business partner. Distilling the very best in behavioural practice and training methods, this programme has been created by designers who combine sales and pedagogical excellence.

  • 5 days
  • French
  • 5 months
Sales and Account Management Programme

The shift from product to value selling. From solo to team selling. Given the forces restructuring the commercial landscape, many professionals need to renew themselves. Distilling the very best in behavioural practice and training methods, this programme has been created by designers who combine sales and pedagogical excellence. It addresses critical competencies and techniques in a variety of sales funnel situations.

Participants bridge the knowing-doing gap by engaging in self-reflection, learning from feedback, road-testing new tools and methods and evaluating different approaches. All in a robust ‘workout’ to permanently anchor successful behaviours in day-to-day commercial practice. Helping to generate lasting business relationships and credible active references. Channelling talents and resources towards sustainable results.

For who?

Sales representatives, Account managers

After completing the training you can

  • More productive lead generation – efficient, deliberate and strategic
  • Conversion rate improvement – consistent mastery of all steps of the sales process
  • Faster identification and advancement of opportunities – with both new and existing customers
  • Heightened understanding of customer needs – including operational issues and value drivers
  • Improved value perception by relevant stakeholders – key players identified and addressed with impact
  • Greater face-to-face impact – powerful value propositions, business cases and presentations
  • Maintained confidence as the stakes rise – price and margin protection, negotiations, deal closure
  • Consolidation of embedded partnerships – thanks to distinct and sustained added value
  • Transformation of clients into ambassadors – benefiting from your most powerful ally
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Learning tools

Learning goals discussion with manager
Learning goals discussion with manager
  • In a one-to-one meeting, the participant and their manager discuss and define the goals to be reached with this training
  • Only if the participant knows what the manager and the employer is expecting from him, they can work towards the expected results
Application in daily life
Application in daily life
  • The most important point to profit from the learning journey: apply your learnings!
  • Action plans are defined already in the training room to allow the participant to evaluate his progress against his own standards in daily life
Peer coaching
Peer coaching
  • During sessions with their peers only, people coach each other on concrete situations
  • Leverage collective intelligence to solve problems
  • Alternatively practice on how to listen, ask questions and give feedback.
Intense classroom training
Intense classroom training
  • Lively, interactive training days are the backbone of the learning journey.
  • Positive confrontation and feedback stimulate to change the behavior.
  • Interaction within the group allows to learn from peers in a safe yet challenging environment
E-learning Modules and videos
E-learning Modules and videos
  • Provides insight into own behavioural strengths and challenges.
  • A common, simple language is created that helps people better understand themselves and adapt their behaviour towards others.
  • Blends perfectly with the Krauthammer learning methodology to create identification.
Memo Card App
Memo Card App
  • Smart and easily accessible reminders of key lessons learned.
  • Customisation possible.
361° online self & peer evaluation
361° online self & peer evaluation
  • Online survey which gives participants a clear view on the impact of their own behaviors.
  • Gets stakeholders around the participant involved in the learning journey.
  • Creates favorable conditions to give and receive feedback.

Inspiring locations



  • Mercure Paris Bercy Bibliothèque
  • 6 boulevard Vincent Auriol
  • 75013, Paris
  • France
Training days
  • 09/03/2022
  • 05/04/2022
  • 03/05/2022
  • 01/06/2022
  • 05/07/2022
EUR 4715.00 (excl. VAT)