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Change management approach

Krauthammer is very experienced in preparing (global) organisations, especially leaders and managers, to evoke behavioral change.

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  • Customized

To understand why it’s tough for people to accept and assimilate change, we need to first differentiate how change is handled based on its origin. As initiators of change, we are proactive in introducing change. As recipients of change, we are reactive to change that’s presented to us.

Krauthammer is very experienced in preparing (global) organizations, especially leaders and managers, to evoke behavioral change.

We first define complexity, are we talking single change, multi-change or systemic change. In the last case, we can see change reaches all or most parts of a system, thus affecting the general behavior of the entire system. We then look at all parts of the systemic change puzzle-like culture, engagement, business model innovation, strategy, and leadership transformation.

Our approach

Identify Goals and Drivers

  • Align on organizational goals that need to be achieved
  • Identify which skills need to be mastered and at which level
  • Carve out which management styles need to be shown during moments of truth

Conduct Gap analysis

  • Identify key gaps between ideal and current behavior
  • Clearly define associated development goals
  • Specify training goals per target group

(Co-)Design the various programs

  • Determine the approach and toolset to be used to equip your management teams with the required skills
  • Create a Management Framework that fits the values and strategy of the organization
  • Identify suitable Krauthammer training modules and adapt them to your specific situation
  • Design impactful learning paths combining both digital and classical elements

Pilot and Deliver results

  • Roll-out programs for first pilot groups
  • Work on programs for Managers at three levels of the organization: beginners, middle, and executives.
  • Conduct monthly progress meetings to finetune programs
  • Build a performance framework to track progress and ROI