Next Generation Young Professional

Krauthammer welcomes high potentials at the beginning of their professional career, and guides them in becoming our next generation of sales people and thought leaders.

If you have graduated with a Master degree in a relevant direction (such as: Business Economics, Work and Occupational Psychology, Sociology, Communication and HR) and have proven practical (work) experience during and/or after studies showing initiative, entrepreneurship and eagerness. You are fluent, spoken and written, in both English and the native language of the country you are applying for. Any further language is an asset.

Our offer

The programme for Young Professionals will give you the opportunity to be introduced into the world of training, coaching and consulting, gain experience in project and account management.  It allows you to develop yourself through an extensive learning programme (behaviour and skills), be coached by mentors and learn from their broad experience in order to be prepared for a future role as consultant.

You will learn how to challenge people with desirable behaviour changes in different work settings, while implementing the behavioural skills during the co-facilitation of change workshops.  You will also work on client cases, new sales channel ideas, value propositions and market approach.  This will help you recognise windows of opportunity, design innovative proposals and contribute to Business Development innovation projects.

The learning path to become an independent consultant starts at Krauthammer University where you and your peers start to investigate your personal brand, experience a training day before diving into didactical skills. In the subsequent educational weeks, you will develop your facilitation skills step by step based on the philosophy of Krauthammer and the core solutions we offer to clients. In addition, you will be introduced in the consultancy based selling processes. The first year you will receive approximately over 50 days of personal development days, followed by more days in the following two years. We will be guided and supported by your colleagues in daily practice and when work alongside an experienced consultant.

As a Next Generation Young Professional you will experience the different aspects of a Krauthammer consultant, gain experience.  You will be able grow into new roles while taking more  responsibility of projects as you discover and assess the best fit within the company and your professional ambition.

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