1971 Founded
170 Consultants
25 Countries
21 Languages


Founded in 1971 by Eric Krauthammer in Switzerland, Krauthammer has evolved from a sales training focused company to a network organisation with global reach. We serve clients with a wide portfolio of human capital development solutions. Rooted in Western Europe, we are actively expanding to more locations all over the world. Krauthammer is owned by its employees and is managed by an appointed Executive Management Team. Every Krauthammer consultant is trained at the Krauthammer Learning Methodology twice a year at the Krauthammer University. This enables us to roll out international programmes with a consistency rare in our industry. Krauthammer’s philosophy of ‘bringing out the best in people …with an extra smile from within is founded on the belief that engaged people drive performance. And that every human being, given the right conditions, is capable of significant behaviour change.

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Meet the Krauthammer team

Krauthammer University



Krauthammer University is where our team connects twice a year to learn, explore and seek out new learning journeys, work on K-Lab innovations and ensure consistency of international programmes.

The Krauthammer Partner Network

Partners are a crucial part of our value proposition to our clients. We are developing a unique, win-win focussed and trust based network able to flexibly respond to clients' people development needs relating to behavioural change. Our network is built on 2 types of partnership.

Krauthammer Associated Partner

Develop Krauthammer business in your region.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start, or expand your own company? Do you have executive level sales skills, ability to develop relationships and trust combined with wanting to continuously improve your behaviour training capabilities?

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Working at Krauthammer

Our people are our greatest strength. Therefore, we're always on the look out for talented, experienced professionals to join our team. We also go to great lengths to develop our people so they can always be happy and excellent in what they do.
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Our values

Our values reflect what's important to us and how we want to realize our philosophy of 'bringing out the best in people ... with an extra smile from within'.

  • Passion for people

    I consider the individual behind his or her behaviour. I always look for the positive in others.

  • Enrichment

    I seize every opportunity to learn and grow. I give constructive feedback. I constantly look for balance between work-life and private-life.

  • InnovAction

    I constantly challenge success. I translate ideas into KISS and concrete actions.

  • One team

    I take full responsibility for the team-result. I contribute the best I can offer.

  • Impact !

    I do things with purpose. I practice what I preach.

  • Entrepreneurship

    I do not wait, I initiate keeping the risk in mind. I handle resources as responsibly as if they were my own.

  • Trust

    I make the deliberate choice to trust that all of us act with best interest at heart. It is my duty to search for dialogue when I’m faced with disappointment or with pain.

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