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High performing teams

Coaching a new Management Committee to operate quickly as one team


Thierry Stephan

Thierry Stéphan

Training Consultant

Silvio Ballerini

Training Consultant

We Sense

Clariant, one of the world’s leading chemical companies, implemented an ambitious new operating model that moved away from function-specific services towards end-to-end processes. A new business unit of 700 employees was formed to implement this change on a global scale. The newly appointed Management Committee was given 2 years to achieve process excellence.

We Bridge

For the new Management Committee team to be engaged for this change journey, as of day one, they had to act as a real team. This meant clarifying vision and strategic objectives, but also code of conduct, leadership style, governance, roles and responsibilities, and ways of collaborating. Individual interviews, 2 questionnaires (TASK² & DISC-WPMOT) and a team meeting observation were done so that Krauthammer could build an in-depth understanding of the situation at hand.

We Design

The tailor-made, ‘high performing team’ programme that was designed consisted of team workshops and collective coaching.

We Facili'train

The programme was rolled out over 10 months, following the team meetings where the vision and strategic objectives were conceived. Then, 6 sessions (1.5 days each) were facilitated by one of Krauthammer’s most senior consultants.

You Drive

The Management Committee team members are extremely excited about the programme. It enabled individuals to capitalise on their strengths, work on their limits, as well as build and reinforce interpersonal trust. By understanding individual behaviours and motives, interpersonal communication among team members greatly improved and had a considerable impact on the team’s leadership performance.

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