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Developing excellence in people management in a private bank with a new feedback culture 


Geraldine Besse

Géraldine Besse

Training Consultant

Jean Marie Lagaillardie

Jean-Marie Lagaillardie

Training Consultant

Philippe Bazin

Philippe Bazin

Training Consultant

We Sense

A private bank based in Switzerland was facing multiple management challenges. Their managers were very client-driven and not skilled in people management. Their managers, even the experienced ones, didn’t feel comfortable in their managerial role and overall they remained more focussed on their expert role than their managerial position, e.g. performance-reviews didn’t take place or weren’t conducted appropriately.

We Bridge

The managers needed to understand their role, work on essential managerial skills, foster team work and enhance performance management.

We Design

Working with the client, Krauthammer co-designed a five day Advanced Management Programme (AMP) focusing on elements such as “advancing leadership capabilities”, “building high performing teams” and “achieving results/preparing for tomorrow”. Tailor-made exercises were part of the programme, which was designed to match the managers’ daily reality, as well as personality tests (TTI-success-insights-analysis), and team feedback (361° analysis) before the training started.

We Facili'train

In between the training days, individual 1-hour coaching sessions with the trainer helped the managers to cope with individual cases and/or challenges. Additionally, “Lunch & Learn” sessions were set up to focus on specific topics (e.g. diversity).

Over 90 management employees followed the AMP.

You Drive

Managers reported that the training completely changed the way they managed their teams. They now feel better-suited to their role, especially with regards to conflict handling, performance reviews and realignment meetings. The bank’s feedback culture has also improved, as all managers went through a 361° analysis. The Krauthammer trainer worked closely with them on the feedback received, their expectations and how to translate and respond to this with Krauthammer tools.

The TTI assessment helped the managers to better understand their own behaviour, identify their preferred behaviours and realise that different types of behaviour need to be approached in different ways.

Another positive result was the change in their attitude towards training. At the beginning, some people were reluctant to join. Afterwards, managers expressed how much they valued the training and said they would recommend it because of the trusting and safe environment, the dynamism of the group, and the supportive, high quality trainer. This has led to unexpected positive effects in terms of talent development culture.

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