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The Ultimate Christmas Party Guide

How to avoid any post-party dilemmas

In many companies the Christmas party is the party of the year. And it’s indeed a great opportunity to get to know colleagues better and to have fun together.

For managers it’s also a good way of thanking their staff for their hard work over the year and for building further relationships within their teams.

However, the Christmas party is and remains a business event. So for all of us there are some considerations to take into account to avoid any post-party dilemmas:   

1. Be happy & cheerful

Chit-chat, get into contact! Learn more about the private side of your colleagues. To enter a conversation you can use topics like the location, the food, the latest Netflix series, weekend activities or the annual gifts madness. If you have difficulty with small talk just ask people about themselves by asking open-ended questions that begin with “Tell me about …”. 

Do avoid talking about hot issue topics (such as politics and religion) and don’t spend the evening complaining or even gossiping. If you only talk about business you might end as the “bore of the night”. Keep your conversations positive and upbeat.

2. Put away your smartphone

Don’t be distracted by your smartphone. Make colleagues your priority and actually take advantage of that face time. If you are very addicted to your smartphone consider leaving it off for the event.

3. Dress appropriately

Although you do not have to wear your business clothes for the party this is still a work event. Your colleagues, like it or not, will also judge you by the clothes you wear. So dress classy and with charme and skip anything too revealing or flashy – you don’t want to be “that guy” or “that girl” everybody is talking about the next morning. Keep your reputation for good taste intact!

4. Watch your drinks 

A little wine, a punch or a glass of champagne – enjoy! Just remember, all things in moderation, you don’t want to get tipsy in front of people you respect. And drinking too much might losen your tongue and share privacies you will regret later!

5. Say thank you

Don’t forget to seek out the party planner and thank him or her. If you want to go one step further, send a thank-you note afterward.

And now enjoy your party!


Originally published Devember 1, 2017  

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