Why Krauthammer

Working together with Krauthammer means to enter into a true partnership. After an in-depth analysis of your development needs we will design the most appropriate learning solutions - preferably by co-creating them together with you on a long-term based relationship.

Our training consultants

At Krauthammer, we take the development of our training consultants very seriously. Every new training consultant follows an in-depth learning journey with more than 50 training days focusing on programme design, training modules and facilitation skills.

The development continues through our bi-annual Krauthammer University. All our consultants come together from different locations to explore new trends, share best practices and drive innovation.

Krauthammer University is also a platform to work with clients and prospects on concrete projects and programmes.

Our training consultants have also business development responsibilities.

Combining their training role with sales responsibility enables us to build a pool of internationally experienced behaviour change consultants with business acumen.

The Impact

The Krauthammer learning methodology drives long lasting behaviour change and increases engagement.

After each training day, your people will immediately apply the new behaviour in their work environment to cope better with their individual challenges.

Through continuous practicing and feedback during the training programme the new behaviours will become intuitive and not fade away once the programme has been completed.

We can also help you to set up an evaluation system to measure the ROI on your programme investment.

Customized Trainings

Since its foundation in 1971, Krauthammer has designed more than 300 training modules that address key behaviours in our expertise areas - being leadership, sales, culture and change management.

The great variety of modules allow our program designers to compose an innovative learning journey within a short period of time.

All this is 100% customised to your learning goals.

All our modules are based on proven tools and concepts and can consistently be delivered in 25 countries and 21 languages.

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Learning Innovation

Our program designers put the learner in the centre and based on instructional design principles and context, will advise you which is the most effective blend of learning methods and tools for your specific target group.

Our learning experience system KOACH is automatically integrated into the majority of our interventions and can be customised to your needs.

Building blocks of our learning journey