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Sales management and coaching

Building global commercial excellence  through an international sales programme


Freek Dijkstra

Freek Dijkstra

Training Consultant

Thijs Westerkamp

Training Consultant

Gary Chu

Gary Chu

Training Consultant

Gavin D

Gavin Dsouza

Training Consultant

We Sense

AkzoNobel Performance Coatings launched a strategy of differentiated growth with implications for the sales force and especially for their sales managers who needed to transition from a more operational role to a leadership position. Their focus would be more oriented towards processes, market segments and the management of their sales teams. At the same time, a higher level of communication skills was required to effectively communicate within sales, and also with other functions.

We Bridge

A global sales management training was needed to not only communicate the changes taking place, but also to train sales managers with skills they need for their redefined role.

We Design

AkzoNobel and Krauthammer designed a multi-level commercial training programme with staged global rollout. The training programme encompasses blended learning to develop the right mindset and skillset for commercial excellence.

We Facili'train

Global rollout of the training has been a crucial element in the success of the programme. In the first stage of this multi-year programme, training sessions are being delivered by Krauthammer in 30+ countries and in 15+ languages.

You Drive

People have become more engaged in the changes taking place, feel more heard and are actively applying what they learned. They report back on what they learned in the training sessions and now have a solid base to foster commercial excellence for AkzoNobel. In parallel to the trainings, commercial processes in the organisation have been shared through other internal workshops. This has created wider recognition than if only a single channel was used.

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