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Eurocontrol is an intergovernmental organisation responsible for air traffic safety across Europe with headquarters in Brussels. The company employs over 1.900  highly qualified professionals. 

In 2012, an audit showed that people development within Eurocontrol was not effective. The performance appraisal process especially needed improving because so far, it had purely focused on results. The goal was to achieve results in accordance with exemplary behaviours that support engagement and motivation. For a sustainable transformation of the performance appraisal process, Eurocontrol first needed to define “desired corporate behaviours”.  

We Bridge

As workshop facilitator, Krauthammer set the framework for defining, together with Eurocontrol, five desired corporate behaviours and attitudes (results driven, readiness to change, customer driven, team work and integrity) which would then be crucial elements for the training programme later. 

We Design

After the workshop, Krauthammer and Eurocontrol co-designed a customised one-day management training. To ensure that the programme was matching Eurocontrol’s specific context, relevant stakeholders were involved in the design. 

The training explored the five corporate behaviours in-depth. Positive and deficient indicators of each behaviour were addressed. The managers were also trained to observe behaviours, give feedback, and challenge employees to formulate action plans around those behaviours. 
A dry run of the programme with experienced managers helped to fine-tune the programme further. 

We Facili'train

The programme was delivered to 32 groups in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. 

You Drive

Eurocontrol measured the satisfaction index of the training programme in an internal survey. With more than 85 %, the programme appreciation was very high. The result also reflects the engagement of the participants.

The programme helped to improve the performance appraisal process. Observable outcome is an increased number of personal development plans, as well as a much more differentiated and realistic performance evaluation which is close to a bell curve.  

Another important result is that the defined and desired corporate behaviours are now anchored in the organisation and that people align each other based on these behaviours.

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