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Increasing team satisfaction and employee retention through well-trained managers and leaders


Thijs Westerkamp

Training Consultant

Motoaki Goto

Motoaki Goto

Training Consultant

Joris Scheers

Training Consultant

We Sense

Founded in 1970, Huntsman is a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals, operating from multiple locations worldwide with approximately 15.000 employees.

The company pursues a growth strategy through mergers and acquisitions. Integrating new firms brings diverse corporate cultures and ways of looking at leadership and management together. Different views also exist in different regions and divisions. From 2010-2011, Huntsman adjusted its HR structure. With the new, global HR department, the organisation aimed at unifying management tools and language throughout the various companies.

We Bridge

The need was to build a global training programme that would help leaders obtain a broader range of leadership styles and help them act proactively, develop employees and feel comfortable with taking decisions. Huntsman also wanted them to become transformational leaders, inspiring others to be open for change.

We Design

Krauthammer organised a pilot training in Asia and America that was a success with tools and concepts picked up that could be globally used within Huntsman. The didactical concept of small bits of theory combined with a larger part with exercises, like role play and subgroup working, was well appreciated.

We Facili'train

The learning journey started with an internal 360-analysis, conducted by the Hay Group so that managers received feedback about the climate they had created within their team or department. After this, the senior management was trained with the “Advanced Management programme” (AMP) of 3 x 2 days. Programme parts were: setting objectives, giving and receiving feedback, employee motivation, delegation, communicating a decision, saying “no” effectively and realignment. So far, 185 people have been trained.

You Drive

After the AMP, the 360-survey was repeated to measure the impact of the programme. The result showed that the atmosphere in the teams had improved, and that there had been a shift from content management to people management.

HR saw also a positive effect on employee turnover. Over a period of 5 years, it has been observed that the retention rate is 30% lower in departments where the training has not yet been done. On average, the employee turnover in international companies within the chemical industry is 8%. Huntsman is now measuring at 7,5%.

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