Business facilitation

Business facilitation

Fostering communication through structure and behaviours

Fostering communication in a business setting through the right structure and behaviour so that a group of people reach an outcome that everyone feels responsible for and fully committed to.

When to use

  • When a strategic team needs to act together as one, and the different perceptions, interests and viewpoints must be aligned.
  • To combine the know-how of individuals to achieve an outcome.
  • After conflict to reconcile and establish trust within a team.


  • Provides a neutral facilitator to focus on how a decision is made without influencing the actual decision itself.
  • Supports the development of respect for others and awareness of other people’s filters.
  • The methods and behaviours learned are often used and spread across an organisation long after our consultant has left.

Client cases where business facilitation was used

Coaching a new Management Committee to operate quickly as one team

The newly appointed Management Committee of Clariant’s Global Business Services Organisation (GBS) had to act as a real team as from day one. To cope with this challenge they embarked on a 10 months high performing team journey.

Included in the learning journey of Clariant:

Increasing team satisfaction and employee retention through well-trained managers and leaders

Huntsman had to unify management tools to close gaps between regions and divisions. The co-designed Advanced Management programme focussed on leadership styles and employee development.

Included in the learning journey of Huntsman:

Establishing common managerial practices to address operational improvements

Geodis Road Transport wanted to establish shared managerial rules and exemplary behaviours. Therefore motivational management practices to secure performance, leadership roles and interpersonal relationships needed to be addressed.

Included in the learning journey of Geodis Road Transport :

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