Collective intelligence

Collective intelligence workshop

New ways of collaborating with larger groups towards a collectively shared outcome

Our collective intelligence workshops focus on collective consensus decision making and bring together larger groups to interact and collaborate.

When to use

  • Ideal for organisations facing major change looking to engage and involve employees in a new direction.
  • When complexity has risen to such a level that one individual cannot resolve it and only collective, social efforts can succeed.
  • When the more traditional forms of solving conflict relating to thought and people diversity have failed.


  • Offers new ways that surprise and engage to make people feel part of the organisation’s destiny.
  • Lets larger audiences experience effective and outcome focussed approaches.
  • Taps into the already existing know-how and expertise, blending them to a collectively shared outcome.

Client cases where collective intelligence workshop was used

Dynamic Appreciative Inquiry workshop after a difficult period

After the tournament in 2016 an Appreciative Inquiry workshop was co-designed to reflect on the future development of the event with a positive approach. 

Included in the learning journey of Roland Garros :

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