Engagement measurement

Engagement measurement

Measure engagement in real-time

Regularly measures your team or organisation’s engagement level

When to use

  • To establish a starting point for measuring engagement and gain insight into which focus areas need attention. Ideally followed by workshops to deepen the understanding of root causes and improvement actions.
  • To measure the impact on participants and their teams, before, during and after a learning journey.


  • Quick and easy in both set-up as usage. Ideal for frequently measuring and evaluating the impact of actions taken.
  • It brings more focus on the topic of engagement and the drivers behind it.
  • The focus on engagement ultimately leads to an increase in well-being and organisational performance.

Client cases where engagement measurement was used

Dynamic Appreciative Inquiry workshop after a difficult period

After the tournament in 2016 an Appreciative Inquiry workshop was co-designed to reflect on the future development of the event with a positive approach. 

Included in the learning journey of Roland Garros :

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