• 文化与协作

Different generations, genders and cultures. Do you have the optimum chemistry in your organisation?

Touching hearts and minds with fresh beliefs and behaviours, and engaging people with new ways of working. It takes true expertise to make this happen and bring out the best in people.


Some of the common culture & collaboration challenges we help our clients to overcome.


Develop behaviours that make sure the new ways of working in the infrastructure, processes and culture work.


Getting people on board is essential to shaping a new company culture and speeding up integration.


Engage stakeholders in a collaborative journey of consultation and engagement focused on outcomes.


Build bridges between generations and cultures to help them develop shared value and purpose.


Through the right behaviours and actions, foster the conditions needed for trust-based relationships.

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Client cases

Culture and collaboration in action

Dynamic Appreciative Inquiry workshop after a difficult period

After the tournament in 2016 an Appreciative Inquiry workshop was co-designed to reflect on the future development of the event with a positive approach. 

Included in the learning journey of Roland Garros :

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