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Lepaya and Krauthammer Join Forces

A major step in the training industry

Since the beginning, our mission has been to bring out the best in people.

Which is why we are thrilled to announce that Lepaya, Europe's largest corporate Edtech & upskilling company, has acquired Krauthammer. This marks both organic evolution for our company, and a major step in the training industry.

Lepaya is an upskilling solution that focuses on increasing talent retention and productivity through a blend of online, offline, and virtual reality training through an all-in-one capability platform. Founded by René Janssen and Peter Kuperus in 2018 with the perspective that the right training, at the right time, focused on the right skill, makes organizations productive and enables overall business growth.

"The acquisition of Krauthammer is a major step forward for Lepaya - making Lepaya the leading capability platform that boosts productivity and retention of workforces of world’s largest organizations," said René Janssen, co-CEO of Lepaya. “In just our 5th year of existence, we will touch the lives of more than 250.000 employees, while aiming to eventually help the full global workforce of 3.3B.”

Our combined entity will be the leading player in providing the most-advanced capability platform to clients, answering the edTech market’s needs for a clear platform aligning impact with innovation and engagement.

“I'm really excited for Krauthammer and Lepaya to join forces,” said Frans van Kreuningen, CEO of Krauthammer. “By combining Krauthammer's long-standing training quality, with delivery at scale across Lepaya’s platform plus AI and VR-powered learning technology, we will be able to upskill and transform companies at every level of the organization.”

If you want to explore the expanded training opportunities, or if you have any questions regarding this news, please contact us at, and we will be happy to support you.