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Setting standards for a value-based leadership culture to follow the strategy of internationalization


In 2012, Armacell decided to launch a brand-new corporate leadership program. One of the company’s main objectives was accomplishing a commonly shared leadership culture and a shift in their leaders’ mindset.

The goal was to create a strong leadership culture which would be understood and lived throughout the entire company in all the countries where Armacell operates


"The first step was the 3-day leadership foundation development program where the leaders get to know the guiding principles and foundations which they need for performance management.

During the co-designing process, Armacell and Krauthammer identified special challenges that different regions and divisions were facing, and analyzed needs and specific learning objectives. Throughout the design process, managers were involved to increase the later buy-in and practicability of the program.

To ensure a close link to the business, the program was fine-tuned with specific Armacell cases, exercises, and content. Before being rolled out to approximately 460 managers, the program was approved during a pilot.

As a second step, due to the success of the program, – additional program elements were added in 2015 and 2016 that focused on engaging leadership and empowering leadership. The entire program now consists of 5 training days and will run until all of Armacell’s managing employees worldwide have had the opportunity to participate."


"The international rollout was remarkably successful. Every managing employee from different hierarchical positions participated in the programme and it aligned them in their values and understanding of Armacell’s management routines and tools.

Specifically this means, that international standards for performance management such as giving and receiving feedback, accountability, achieving consensus in groups or active listening are now implemented and applied by all managing employees.

They have also been gathered into an Armacell book of leadership. The managing employees now have an easily applicable set of tools combined with a constructive mindset at their disposal.

That enables them to motivate and engage their employees, and to enhance the effectivity of their teams. These aspects are also crucial for Armacell to achieve their"

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