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Transform your performance by changing your behavior. Find a training program that helps you reach your development objectives.

Key Account Management

Growth of strategic accounts. It’s time to take a critical look at yourself and master the latest best practices, tools, and concepts.

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Management Training

Change the way you manage individuals, teams, and performances. Participants will make the shift from firefighting, ad-hoc 'command and control' to developing a proactive, collaborative culture.

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First Level Management

A flying start for new managers

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Advanced Value Selling

Next level tools and concepts for maximum sales effectiveness. Adding value by selling a good solution is one. But it is only truly 'next level' if you can offer your client a unique and fully customer-specific value proposition.

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Solution Selling Essentials

Provide relevant solutions to the customer. Increasingly, selling is the result of offering valuable solutions to the customer. To discover these opportunities, you need to connect with customers.

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Commercial Support

For ambitious support staff members. We won't beat around the bush: this training is especially for support staff who, like us, are convinced that their work is key to the commercial success of your company.

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Change management approach

Krauthammer is very experienced in preparing (global) organisations, especially leaders and managers, to evoke behavioral change.

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Connective communication

Translate potential conflicts into peaceful dialogues. During this intensive program, you will understand the universal human drivers behind behaviors and attitudes.

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Build a customer-centric organisation

Krauthammer helps you to build a customer-centric organization by empowering your most valuable asset, your people!

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