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Developing a global leadership culture in an enterprise of entrepreneurs


Freudenberg was looking for a training partner who could run the training program worldwide in local languages. It was also important that the trainers were able to adapt the training content to local culture while remaining consistent with the global program. Another important factor was the capacity of the training company.

They needed to be able to train a high number of participants and respond to new demands within a certain timeframe. Freudenberg conducted a very thorough multi-stage selection process with potential training vendors.

They wanted to be sure that the training company could really live up to their promises by showing how they would train the new behaviors and skills.

After sampling a training session attended by senior leaders, Freudenberg decided to work with Krauthammer because they had the best evaluation for their trainers and the best training approach.


Together with many different stakeholders, Freudenberg and Krauthammer designed a global leadership concept consisting of four tailor-made leadership programs.

Each program was designed specifically for the leadership challenges of the target participants. With these four programs, Freudenberg will continue to support their leaders and their development, enabling them to successfully go through different leadership transitions and meet their specific needs and challenges.

The programs consist of three on-site training blocks, lasting three days each. A kick-off session, two web training sessions, and an exchange with a senior leader are included in the program.


The rollout started with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST), the largest business group within the Freudenberg group. After very positive feedback, proving that the trainers were delivering the same quality in different countries, the rollout of the programs began on a larger scale.

As of now, training has taken place in China, Europe, the USA, and South America. Training languages included so far are German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. Freudenberg plans to spread the programs to more regions and languages (Turkish, Russian, and Japanese).

The engagement of top management is also contributing to the internal success and appreciation of the program. Senior managers regularly engage in discussions with the leaders who are taking part in a training program to share personal experiences, successes, and pitfalls from their own careers.

So far, around 1,500 people have been trained. With the rollout of the leadership development programs, Freudenberg is enabling their leaders to speak a common language and to use the same leadership tools across different regions.

The training programs have also helped the Freudenberg Group with its roots in Germany, allowing them to grow further in strategically relevant markets such as Asia, India, and South America by adapting to the needs and challenges of each country’s markets.

It has also positively impacted the development of the individual employees who attended the training, which is reflected in annual talent reviews about behavior and potential.

This supports the company’s goal of filling 75% of its leadership positions from within the organization. It also enables leaders and future leaders to move more easily across the business groups.