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Paulina Silva

Partner Trainer

Paulina has worked with a broad range of clients in industries such as technology, pharma, supply chain, and non-governmental organizations.

  • Mexico
  • Spanish, English
  • Pharma and Life Sciences; Services sector


She has more than 12 years of experience in Human Resources and has always helped to question people's beliefs from within to get their best potential, connecting their personal values ​​to organizational values, she is also passionate about Coaching, and has different Coaching credentials.

Overall, Paulina is very result and human-oriented. That is why she likes having courageous conversations with her clients and seeks to have a deep knowledge of the current situation the clients find themselves in. Thereby she manages to design the best solution in order to help the company obtain the expected results combined with a positive mindset shift in their employees.

She has deployed many different programs topics like Leadership, Communication, Time and Stress Management, Remote Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion, in different countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Mexico.