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Management training (English)

Leading individuals, teams & performances

Distilling the very best in behavioural practice and training methods, this programme addresses critical competencies and techniques - within different contexts. Participants bridge the gap between knowing and doing by engaging in self-reflection, learning from feedback, road-testing new tools and methods and evaluating different approaches. A robust ‘workout’, thanks to which they permanently anchor successful behaviours in their day-to-day management style.

This compact programme goes beyond the norm, igniting a real leap in manager performance. Helping managers transform challenges into opportunities. From fire fighting, ad-hoc control and command, to developing a proactive, collaborative culture. One based in challenging dialogue, aligning employee values and ambitions with those of the company.

For who?

  • for managers
  • for team and project leaders


  • The manager as role model/example - constructive interpersonal communication
  • Improved control of ones-self, others and the business, also in turbulent times - priority-setting and re-alignment
  • Reinforced employee engagement and development - empowering delegation, feedback, goalsetting, coaching for observable impact
  • Time and productivity gains - better preparation, inspiring and challenging meetings, ownership for actions
  • A healthy flow of initiatives - solicitation and involvement
  • A sustainable culture - aligning employee values and ambitions with those of the company


  • Reflection, interactive exchange of good and best practice, role play and real play, feedback, tryouts
  • in groups of an average 10 participants, use of personal cases and network activities.

on-line and/or Krauthammer, Antala Staška 34, Prague 4

Price: CZK 28.600,- (without VAT)

Please, be so kind and contact Markéta Drtinová for registration:

By signing up for our training course you fully agree with our terms and conditions, as stated in the GTC (VOP) section.

GTC (Všeobecné obchodní podmínky)