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Engaging Leadership

Learn to adapt the best leadership style for your
personal development and the development of
your organization. Lead more easily and you'll
cherish the art of choosing the most effective style
given the objectives, people, and context.

  • 6 months
  • 6 days
  • Dutch, French

You’re experienced in your role as manager and leader. You’re successful, and you start to realize there’s more to leadership than your preferred leadership style(s). This is the moment in your career that you want to really master the craft of applying different leadership styles.

This training focuses on that craft and will support you in increasing engagement within your organization. By mastering different leadership styles, you will become more effective at achieving your objectives and ambitions.

Lead more easily and you’ll cherish the art of choosing the most effective style given the objectives, people, and context.

For who?

People who lead a large group of others either directly or indirectly via their managers. People strive for more responsibility in their role or business unit.

After completing the training

  • Master the 6 different leadership styles
  • Inspire with visionary leadership
  • Connect and build affiliative leadership
  • Let people grow with your coaching style
  • Apply the right touch with the directive and democratic style
  • Choose the most effective style for the situation
  • Increase engagement and therefore results
  • Get access to a new network of like-minded senior leaders


  • Leadership that gets engagement.
  • Leading and navigating through a complex world.
  • Discover the person behind the colleague.
  • I choose my behavior.
  • Increase engagement and therefore results.
  • The 4 preconditions for personal change and my learning
  • My case of confusion.
  • Reflection, action, and evaluation.
  • Appreciative development
  • Knowing me knowing you: my drivers and your drivers
  • Connected dialogue
  • Yes to the person
  • Acknowledging and connecting on emotions and needs
  • Stretching myself and others
  • Reflection, action and evaluation
  • From vision into action
  • Starting with the end in mind
  • Mobilizing with a compelling BBSC
  • Infusing vision into the conversation
  • Storytelling
  • Dealing with resistance
  • My visionary speech
  • Reflection, action, and evaluation
  • Empowering people
  • Mapping and growing my team
  • Facilitating a meeting
  • Approaching decision‐making and biases
  • Communicating a decision
  • Saying no
  • Skill gym: our case
  • Reflection, action and evaluation
  • Coach’s attitudes and skills
  • Coaching on 3 levels: CPR
  • Defining their objectives
  • Using the GROW model
  • Conducting a progress meeting
  • Coaching on mind‐set
  • Applying appreciative coaching: what worked before?
  • Personal cases (manager as coach)
  • My best practice coaching tool: inspire each other
  • Reflection, action and evaluation
  • Working on my meaningful contribution
  • Integration: show the 6 styles
  • Inter‐vision: our personal cases
  • Writing my new leadership story
  • Evaluation, celebration and closing

Learning Tools

  • The most important point to profit from the learning journey: apply your learnings!
  • Action plans are defined already in the training room to allow the participant to evaluate his progress against his own standards in daily life
  • During sessions with their peers only, people coach each other on concrete situations
  • Leverage collective intelligence to solve problems
  • Alternatively practice on how to listen, ask questions and give feedback.
  • In a one-to-one meeting, the participant and their manager discuss and define the goals to be reached with this training
  • Only if the participant knows what the manager and the employer is expecting from him, they can work towards the expected results
  • Lively, interactive training days are the backbone of the learning journey.
  • Positive confrontation and feedback stimulate to change the behavior.
  • Interaction within the group allows to learn from peers in a safe yet challenging environment
  • Smart and easily accessible reminders of key lessons learned.
  • Customisation possible.
  • Online survey which gives participants a clear view on the impact of their own behaviors.
  • Gets stakeholders around the participant involved in the learning journey.
  • Creates favorable conditions to give and receive feedback.

Inspiring locations

Kasteel De Hooge Vuursche (Koetshuis)
Hilversumsestraatweg 14
3744 KC Baarn

Training days
Sep 5, 2024
Oct 10, 2024
Nov 7, 2024
Dec 12, 2024
Jan 9, 2025
Jan 30, 2025


EUR 6719 (excl. VAT)