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Jana Colnar

Partner Trainer

Effectiveness (achieving development goals), impact (behavior change) and value (time spent on the workshop was worth) are the goals Jana is following while delivering sales, leadership and communication training and coaching.

  • Slovenia
  • English, Slovenian
  • Services sector


Jana has worked in international corporate sales and business development for over 17 years. The last 6 years she is successfully leading a team of consultants. Rich business experiences enable Jana to deeply understand clients' challenges and is able to tailor solutions to their specific needs. She believes that people are learning and developing better in safe environments. So, she pays close attention to establishing high trust within the groups she works with.

Trust is a basis of constructive feedback. Feedback leads to self-reflection. And self-reflection leads to behavior change. Jana is mostly described as positive, energizing, and professional by the people she works with.