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Patric Zeier

Partner Trainer

Patric passionately builds, leads and motivates internal and external teams internationally. He loves to lead people and project teams through change management, by encouraging a willingness for personal responsibility and self-discovery based on each individual's unique strengths.

  • Germany
  • English, German
  • Services sector; Technology, Media, and Telecommunication


As a management professional with vast experiences in the Consulting area over several industries, Patric has lead major customer projects for the FS, Telecommunications and Consulting industries, specializing mostly on large IT-implementations.

By working with many customers in various projects, this former Senior Manager has experienced how important good team management and excellent leadership skills are towards successful projects and the overall company results.

Many customers have since also considered Patric a person with strong conflict management and coaching skills for their teams; areas which he is professionally active in next to his primary (project) management focus.

Patric is passionate about personal development in both individuals and teams, and has therefore started his own business in management consulting, business coaching and people development programs several years ago.

Patric is a charismatic and people-oriented manager and trainer, who has lived and worked across several continents, and who loves music, traveling, sports and fishing.