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Guillaume Miralles

Trainer Consultant

Guillaume strives to help individuals improve their organization's capabilities and better engage with their teams and clients.

  • Frankreich
  • Französisch
  • Dienstleistungssektor

Guillaume has worked with a wide range of clients in the industrial, insurance, banking and construction sectors as a trainer in soft skills.

Prior to Krauthammer, he specialized in the fields of management and matrix management and in conflict management processes. It is there that he gained a deep understanding of the different levels of today's global business environment and human professional interactions.

Guillaume is pragmatic, results-oriented and has developed a taste for actions that could trigger positive changes in professional environments. His strength lies in identifying opportunities for skills development to increase business effectiveness and in choosing the best approach to achieve this.

His experience, combined with his positive personality and innovative and challenging approach, makes Guillaume's programs highly interactive and effective.