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Lotte Govaart

Partner Trainer

  • Niederlande
  • Englisch, Niederländisch
  • Dienstleistungssektor


Lotte is best described as an inspiring and challenging coach and trainer. Her energy gives you energy. She is a transformational trainer and coach with a big smile on her face. Her enthusiasm and drive are intoxicating. The combination of her warmth, knowledge, directness, sharp analyses and her sense of humour gets people moving. Through her genuine interest and authenticity, she knows how to create a safe atmosphere.

She inspires you with challenges whilst giving you the confidence to meet them. Sometimes she gives a little push - playful - and thereby creating new opportunities for you to discover. Her drive during training sessions lies primarily in combining learning and fun. Lotte wants you to translate your lessons learned into specific and sustainable actions. Participants need to be able to start working the next day with tools and actions.

In her last project, she worked with a large international yacht builder to develop and guide in-house training modules. That gave her the opportunity to combine hands-on problems and building processes with management challenges on cooperation and leadership. Best challenge ever!

Lotte has a background in leisure, events, marketing and communications in different management positions and trained and coached many organizations, teams and individuals. She has successfully completed a master's degree in transformational coaching, training and development and is certified in Deep Democracy, ORSC and Co active coach/trainer.