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Navin Tauro

Partner Trainer

Based on his unique entrepreneurial, management and advisory track of over 25 years, Navin employs a strategic approach to aligning training needs with business and people goals.

  • Vereinigte Staaten
  • Englisch, Hindi
  • Einzelhandel und Konsumgüter; Technologie, Medien und Telekommunikation


Among Navin's former work experiences, he counts:

- Seeding a national Foodservice Business as Master Franchisee with Unilever

- Editing a national news weekly

- Advising as media and communications strategist for several global corporates cutting across domains including Siemens, eBay, Tata Group etc.

Navin fronts his considerable experience with Performance Coaching, Behavioral Training and Strategic Communication, holding multiple certifications on Leadership, Sales, Team, Business Simulations, Gamification and Coaching interventions.

Navin certifies senior HR professionals on Advanced Learning Professional Certification and engages senior management assessments.