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Wouter Rouwers

Trainer Consultant

With his enthusiasm, positive energy and challenging questions, Wouter brings out the best in people.

  • Niederlande
  • Englisch, Niederländisch
  • Einzelhandel und Konsumgüter


Wouter has a background in Sales / Key Account Management in the industry of workwear and packaging.

Helping other people by understanding them, challenging them by asking questions and supporting them in discovering new insights puts a smile on his face.

Having fun is really important to Wouter. Therefore, he always tries to combine high performance with high levels of fun in everything he does.

He is very results-oriented and strives to always have the end goal in mind. When there is a challenge and / or a task, he immediately thinks: how can we achieve the goal as efficiently as possible?

Wouter is thrilled by creating an atmosphere where people can learn from each other, under the motto:

"Alone, we go fast. Together, we go further."